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Miletos, situated some 15 Km from Prienne and about a 35 minute drive north of Didim, was one of the most powerful and important Greek metropolises in Asia Minor and was part of the influential Ionian Confederation. The Roman theater, dating from the 2nd Century AD, is said to have held over 25,000 spectators. Much of it is still standing today, although some of the columns have been displaced by earthquakes over the years.

Miletus was an important commercial and governmental center from 700 BC until 700 AD. Although today this ancient city is surrounded by farm land, when it was at it`s peak the Aegean Sea rose to it`s city walls. You can still see where the harbor once brought goods to and from. The most memorable part of visiting Miletos is to sit in one of the 15,000 seats of it`s ancient theatre, and then wander the passageways that connect the sections of the theatre. Miletos was known as a city of philosophers who were at the forefront of scientific inquiry. Important Milesians were some of the first to make maps, explain the lunar eclipse, plan towns, recognize the atom and construct an accurate sundial.

Close by is the Ilyas Bey Mosque built in 1400 AD which has a square floorplan with a central dome but the minaret has collapsed. The Mosque is currently under reconstruction and admission is very limited. The Baths of Faustina, built around 150 AD and named after the wife of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, are also nearby and in excellent condition. There is also a small museum (opposite the Mosque) which details the entire area and has many artifacts under restoration.


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